Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Building on an Interface

Overview, a platform for organizing research, was created around the idea of generosity. aims to provide a healthy way of using the internet and to help users organize their research. For this assignment, we’ll work within the constraints of an existing product ( and design and prototype a feature to it. We’ll start by sketching out ideas, move into a higher-fidelity wire frame, and finally test out the feature in a Figma prototype that matches’s existing design system.

This project is adapted from a similar project taught by Barron Webster and Carolyn Zhang at The School of Visual Arts.

Learning Goals

  • Develop a feature that’s built on an existing product
  • Work within a visual language and system
  • Reflect on issues in the current technological landscape
  • Explore the wireframe to prototype process

Suggested Reading

Due Dates

  • TBD