Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Fan Page


Fan pages were hallmarks of the early ‘net. They represented a casual and spontaneous quality where users created ultra stylized environments to celebrate their interests. In many ways they are the design equivalent of a journalistic profile.

For this project, I’d like you to create a fan page for someone or something you deem deserving of the honor. The subject can be someone you know, or someone famous, but the best projects will highlight a personal interest on the subject matter, communicated visually in a new way. Often times this means that you have a connection to the subject. All assets on the site must be made by you (however, editing, curating, or collaging found assets in a meaningful way is OK).

This project is an editorial exercise and not a book report – in other words, it needs to be interesting. Consider how you can communicate a facet of your subject that hasn’t been addressed before, or a new take on an existing idea. Specifity and highlighting your own interest is in the subject goes a long way.

The format of the content is open to interpretation. You could consider a question-and-answer style interview, a curated visual study, a narrative driven video, a mixed media research piece about the subject. Think about what kinds of content (text, images, videos, animation) tell the clearest story and most memorable story. While we’re looking to the past for this project conceptually, the design of the website should feel like it is from 2021 and designed with a contemporary design sensibility.


  • HTML & CSS

Learning Goals

  • Develop mixed media content that supports your idea
  • Develop a visual tone of voice for the website that touches on writing as well as the visual design
  • Project development from sketch to programming
  • Experiment with HTML & CSS

Suggested Reading

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