Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Personal Data


Data is everywhere. It exists in many formats and is a powerful storytelling tool. Data visualizations often compliment the written word or use a combination of graphic design and statistics to extend a narrative. Many data visualizations are charts or bar graphs, but data visualizations can take any form. For this assignment, you’ll develop a web-based visualization about either yourself or a community that you have access to.

As a class, we’ll explore biases in data visualizations, algorithms and technology. We’ll explore different ways of image-making and evaluate how our graphics can meaningfully tell a narrative. We’ll explore the data collection process by collecting our own data and thinking through how to best organize it. We’ll then use that data to develop a form that can be viewed in multiple formats and consider how the visualization tells different stories through interaction.

In class, we’ll look at ways to use JavaScript to sort and highlight your data. Your project can take any web-based form, however, and is not required to use JavaScript. The most important aspects of the project are that your data tell a complete story, and the visual design and interactions are considered and supportive.

You should collect the data on your own, and can use any media to visualize it.

Due date